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About ZedView

ZedView is a software which provides 3D visualization and measurement from two-dimensional image slices of CT, MRI, Micro CT, and industrial purpose CT. 3D visualization can be easily done and 3D shape data can be outputted as STL/DXF data.
Output data can be used to create actual size solid models of internal-organs by rapid prototyping machines (Rapid Prototyping), used for finite-element-method analysis (FEM analysis) and other various simulations. Moreover, measurement functions in 2D and 3D are provided.
Fat, muscles, cartilage, bone, etc. of human and animal body images can be measured. For industrial commodity such as machine parts and IC parts, the area,volume, angle and distance can be measured in 2D and 3D.
MPR (Multi Planer Reconstruction) function can display arbitrary cross section image of an image stack easily andd interactively.


■Database function

ZedView DB provides an integrated administration of loaded data sets.
The data formats supported are: DICOM,,BMP, TIFF and Raw data.
The parameters of the loaded data sets in DB can be edited and the data sets can be exported in DICOM format or BMP image.

■3D Visualization function

Using threshold values of intensity or mask functions, 3D reconstruction can be performed for an image data set. When using the mask functions, a created mask can be easily edited. Onaly a contiguous mask area can be extracted by using the segmentation funtion. The region growing function allows to extract only a single connection region. As well as an Axial image planes, the mask edit function can be applied to Sagittal and Coronal planes. Area and volume of defined mask areas can be measured.

■Visualization of Arbitrary

From the loaded slice data, a section view of an arbitrary direction different from the axial directions of the original coordinate system of the image stack can be displayed. It allow to more clearly understand the inside shape of the object in detail. 3D shape data and the section image can be displayed simultaneously together.

■Measurement function

In addition to 3D visualization, 3D measurement functions are provided in ZedView. The respective created mask areas and volumes can be measured. A distance and an angle between two positions on a image slice (Axial/Sagittal/Coronal plane) also can be measured. A surface distance, a straight distance and an angle between a specified positions on the created 3D shape can be measured.

■3D Shape Data Output

3D shape model can be exported in STL or DXF data format. The outputted data model can be used for various applications such as generating an actual size internal-organ solid model by a rapid prototyping machine, finite-element-method analysis (FEM analysis), various simulations, computer graphics, etc.

■DICOM Output function
ZedView can converst a loaded slice data set to and output as a DICOM data set. In case of medical data, patient's private information contained in DICOM can be changed or blanked out and again the data set can be outputed as a DICOM data set.

Simple and Easy Operation in Windows environment

ZedView runs on Windows XP/2000 environment.
It can be easily operated without deep computer knowledge.
Thanks to the recent progress of a personal computer performance, even a low-cost PC can provide a comfortable environment.

Recommended Computer Environment is as follow:
・Windows XP/2000 OS
・CPU:Pentium4.3GHz or faster
・Memory:more than or equal to 1GB
・160GB harddisk
・19" LCD monitor or larger
・Video RAM: 256MB or larger

How to order?

・Please contact us about the price.

■An order method
We can accept your order by phone, faximile or e-mail.
We are available from 9:30 until 6:30 Monday through Friday for a phone discussions.

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